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They’re Torquing Welding

Engineering Companies Join Forces to Elevate Industry Skills  


Engineering skills improvement is at the top of the agenda for two of South Wales’ most innovative and dynamic SMEs.


The Skills Academy, a Centre of Excellence for the development of welding and fabrication skills and part of JES Group Ltd has linked with Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd, to announce a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at enhancing skills and ensuring industry best practice.


The strategic partnership will work together to develop a comprehensive set of courses focused on welding, pipe fitting and joint integrity. 


The initiative stems from a shared commitment to the provision of top tier learning that addresses the recognised and growing demand for skilled professionals in the mechanical engineering sector. 


By combining their expertise both companies aim to create a unique series of courses that not only meets industry standards but goes far beyond them, ensuring that trainees are equipped with the latest techniques and best practices.


Speaking on behalf of The Skills Academy, Head of Project Sam Owen expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, ‘’This collaboration represents a significant step forward in bridging the skills gap in the mechanical engineering sector. By combining our strengths, we aim to empower all trainees with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in their careers. Our aim is to get all our trainees work ready and this joint training initiative will help do this. JES has built its reputation over 42 years on unrivalled quality assurance and an impeccable Health & Safety record. This collaboration will provide the training to further reinforce these values’’.  


‘’The Celtic Freeport and the drive towards Carbon Reduction, Net Zero and the Circular Economy present great business opportunities, but few will be realised without a skilled workforce to take advantage. Carbon capture on gas plants, On and Offshore wind turbines, floating foundations, hydrogen electrolysers, storage facilities - none of these are possible without the ‘black trades’ like welding, fabrication and pipe fitting. People talk about Green Skills but we will never deliver Net Zero without a skilled engineering workforce’’.


Likewise, Zulu Director Christopher Mellows added, ‘’We believe in this collaboration as it will not only enhance the skills of all trainees but it will contribute to the overall safety, growth and innovation of the mechanical engineering industry. We are a centre of training excellence in the joint integrity sector, the only one in Wales and are committed to skills development in mechanical engineering. The acquisition of skills provides pathways into sustainable, well-remunerated, transition aligned careers. We are delighted to be working in collaboration with JES and The Skills Academy in this venture and share their goals regarding the Celtic Freeport. It must not be said that we squandered the opportunity to take advantage of what will be the re-industrialisation of south Wales, because the local workforce did not possess the practitioner skills needed to satisfy industry demand’’.

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