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The Skills Academy

The UK and Welsh Governments are committed to the drive to reduce carbon emissions but Net Zero is unachievable without welding. Steelmaking, carbon capture, renewable energy through On and Offshore wind, floating foundation and hydrogen electrolyser all require the ‘hands-on/black’ trades like welding, fabrication and pipe-fitting. 

While ‘The Skills Academy’ will help JES as a company to transform, diversify and grow, it is wholly inclusive, open and available to all.


Unique in south Wales, it seeks the partnerships, collaboration and relationships that, working together in unison, will help develop the welding and fabrication industry in Wales by strengthening its workforce.

‘The Skills Academy’ is a holistic ‘womb to tomb’ project that helps safeguard the jobs of the existing JES workforce and adds to the company’s capability, capacity and resilience by aligning itself to the needs and opportunities presented to the welding and fabrication industry by the Celtic Freeport. 

A state-of-the-art skills academy, associated facilities, workshops and equipment to develop Welding and Fabrication skills has created a Centre of Excellence based in Port Talbot. It uses expert face-2-face tuition; accumulated workforce skills and experience, the latest equipment, industry tested protocols and interactive, immersive, digital technologies to drive a competency and capability hub for Welding and Fabrication skills in south Wales. In doing so, it aims to ensure the creation and continuous replenishment of a highly skilled, work ready, labour-force that is ‘future proofed’ for the demands of the Celtic Freeport, the drive to Net Zero and the requirements of the Circular Economy.

Who is The Skills Academy for? 

Certified & Coded Welders. Elite welders already experience and qualified looking to further upskill 

Coded Welders: who are not Certified but have passed the relevant coding test(s) and need additional training and further coding. 

Apprentices: from ‘academic’ training providers or other employers who are unable to provide the expert, hands-on, experiential training provided by the ‘Skills Academy’ to pass their coding tests. These apprentices can reach the standard needed at ‘The Skills Academy’ thereby making themselves instantly employable and work ready. 

Employment seeker: wishing to sample career pathways into welding e.g. redundant steel-workers still needing employment and a life of work. 

Individuals: looking to develop their basic, non-structural, welding techniques for small jobs/home use/hobbies - up to the BS4872 welding qualification. 

School pupils/Students: wishing to sample welding sessions in a safe, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly setting with highly skilled and experienced instructors. 

The ultimate objective is to future proof the Fabrication and Welding learning process and deliver an enterprise class training solution that addresses the Fabrication and Welding industry’s skills shortage across South Wales, while ensuring that those benefiting from training, are the best they can be, Net Zero aware and work ready.

Contact Information 

Project Name: The Skills Academy


Company: JES Group Ltd


Company Registration Number: 09571834 

VAT#: GB 214497015 

Contact: Mr Sam Owen: Project Supervisor

Tel:07889 502357


Postal address: JES Group Ltd, Phoenix Wharf, Harbour Road, The Docks, Port Talbot SA13 1RA 


 Drone Footage: Skills Academy, Riverside Road, The Docks, Port Talbot SA13 1RB

J.E.S. Group Ltd

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