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DCWW South WalTar

& Strong liquor tanks replacement

JES PT Inside 5.jpg
JES PT Inside 5.jpg

During the repair of an existing Tar Storage tank, NDT inspections highlighted serious defects in the tank shell and base. JES were awarded the contract to replace the tanks which is currently ongoing. Due to the condition of the other storage tanks and plant requirements the tank needs to be out of service for as short a time as possible.

The project involves the design, manufacture and installation of 3no 12.5m diameter x 9m high flat bottom storage tanks to BS EN 14015.

The scope of work also includes the temporary diversion of existing services as well as the demolition of the existing storage tanks, Due to plant requirements one tank can be taken out of service at a time. To minimise

hot working on site and to reduce the duration each tank is out of service; the tank roofs are being fully assembled at our off-site facility and mostly welded. The Roofs are being delivered to site each in 2no sections, 12.5m long x 6.5m wide for final welding and installation.

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