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20” Dock Water Project

Emergency Replacement of Water Pipe Line and associated Steel Work

carbon steel water supply Pipe line. JES Group were tasked by TATA Steel with overcoming this issue with a time
critical cost effective solution.
After evaluating the situation and engaging with TATA Engineers. The solution that was best suited to this problem, was to reroute the line above ground on new steel work to avoid excavation cost, excessive disruption and plant down time.

This Project required 10 Tonne of structural steel supports designed and fabricated to BS EN 1090 execution class 2 Specification and CE marked, these were installed ready to accept the new pipe work. 350m of 20” Pipe work was designed, fabricated and installed to BS EN 13480. This was welded by welders qualified to BS EN 9606-1, and subjected to Ultrasonic and MPI NDT Inspection to BS EN 5817 level B .

JES Pipe 8.jpg

This project was completed in the two month critical time limit given by TATA Steel and avoided a costly period of plant down time.

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